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Contributing and Editing an Issue

This item will guide you through the steps of contributing (and subsequently editing) an issue article on this site. Given how powerful it is, it is relatively simple. Here's how to contribute an issue:

  1. Make sure you have logged in - using the Login/Logout link in the Home menu
  2. Click on the Add Issue menu link at the bottom of the Issues menu - this will open up the authoring screen
  3. Add an Issue Title - not too long but it needs to convey the issue clearly - leave the Alias field empty
  4. In the main editor window, start with a clear statement of what the issue is in one or two sentences. Then click on the Read More button immediately below the editor window - this will insert a horizontal line that indicates where the introductory paragraph used in summary pages ends.
  5. In the main editor window below this Read More line, now complete your article, including:
    ♦ Coverage of the various causes, drivers and factors behind the issue so that a reader can gain a good understanding
    ♦ A proposed resolution that is realistic, pragmatic, actionable and legal - be open about where there is uncertainty, but also propose a pragmatic way of closing this uncertainty, in other words be positive and forward-looking 
    ♦ Links to a reference on the internet (including on this site) that would assist the reader - see Adding a web link
  6. If you want to insert an image in the article then check out Adding/editing an Image
  7. If you want to insert a media file in the article then check out Adding/editing a media file
  8. If you want to insert a link in the article to a file you want to upload to the site then check out Uploading and linking a document or file
  9. Underneath the main editor window, make your choice of Issue category for this contribution - this will ensure the article appears in the Issues menu.
  10. You can also select Unpublished - if the article is not yet ready to be published.
  11. Leave the rest of the fields at their default values, unless you want to add some metadata to help search engines find your item.
  12. Click on the Save button at the top of the authoring page. If you have it marked as Published, this will send the issue article to a Publisher member who will scan it for any technical/formatting anomalies before the article appears on the live site.

You will be automatically advised by email if someone adds a comment to your issue so that you can consider any appropriate changes to the issue article and consider making a comment in response.

To edit an article you authored is similar to the initial contribution process above, apart from how you open up the authoring window.

When you are logged in, navigate to the article and click on its title to ensure you are displaying the full article -  you will then see a yellow pen and paper icon to the right of your issue article's title - click on this to open the authoring screen. If the article is not yet published the pen and paper icon will be blue to indicate that it is not visible to site visitors.

If you think this Help/FAQ item can be improved, please contact the Administrator.

Last Updated on Friday, 20 April 2012 05:58

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