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Become a Contributor

If you agree with our Vision and want to drive the understanding and pragmatic resolution of an issue, Big-Issues.Org would like to provide you with the platform.

The type of issue article we want:

  • Provides a clear description of the issue
  • Provides a balanced understanding of the causes, drivers and factors that lead to the issue
  • Proposes a pragmatic response to the issue - realistic, positive, actionable, legal
  • Links to good external reference material on the issue and its resolution where this exists
  • Evolves by incorporating useful contributions from others received via comments 
If you want to author and coordinate such an issue article, or take over the development of an existing issue article, then This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
You should note that while Big-Issues.Org welcomes a diversity of viewpoints, the issue articles themselves are intended to be balanced representations of the various viewpoints rather than representing a polarised position - and the webmaster, whilst not moderating contributed content, does retain the right to remove authoring permissions and to delete or edit any content.

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