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The Vision/Invitation

Big-Issues.Org strives to:

  • Encourage collaboration in identifying critical issues and their underlying causes
  • Encourage collaboration in proposing and refining pragmatic responses to these issues
  • Facilitate access to relevant groups and information sources where these already exist
  • Not take itself too seriously despite the gravity of these issues - and have some fun along the way
You are invited to:
  • Contribute to the understanding of issues and the pragmatic responses to them by commenting on the issues on the site
  • Become an author if you wish to contribute and lead the development on a new issue (or take over the development on an existing issue)
  • Contribute in any other way you think useful, such as
      ◊  Sending in suitable images,
      ◊  Rating the issues,
      ◊  Sharing the articles with your social networks,
      ◊ Telling your friends...
  • Follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@bigissues) and contribute to the discussion there

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